Being an artist is as weird as you make it.

Here's to realizing your to-do list is supremely awesome.


Cover Art

CHECK IT. I am like legit and crap. This. This Ebook cover I drew will be the thing that makes me. Just you watch.

Cover art by me.

So, funny story.
The publisher contacted me and was all "Hey, can we use that goat skull you drew?"
And I was all, "What? Of course! ...wait. Which one?"
I have 14 drawings of goat skulls. I counted.


Sight - finally finished, you guys.

You guys.
It's finally done, you guys.

Colored pencil on paper. Gold leaf for the final touch. 42"x34"

It's huge, and I didn't realize how much time huge takes.  I've done pretty big before.  I've even done oversized.  But this,- this stupid drawing is so stupid big I can't store it anywhere, or transport it flat, or use my regular drawing board.
And you know what?
I'm starting another drawing the exact same size.