Patron Award - Northern National Arts Competition

I won a Patron Award at the Northern National Arts Competition out in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. I count that as a significant win, as I got to see the show as it was being hung, and there was some exceptional work there.
Self Portrait #96, the piece entered.


ECRAC Show August 2017

The East Central Regional Arts Council is having a show of all the artists who won grants in 2017, including me! The show kicked off last weekend, during Braham Pie Day, and continues until September 29th.

If you find yourself in Braham, Minnesota, swing in for a peek.


2016 Newsletter

So, in a moment of inspired ambition, I decided to write my patrons a newsletter. Being me, however, I covered it in sass to the point of being unsalvageable. Recently found among my forgotten .docs, I present it now to you!

Dear Patrons of the Arts,
It’s that time of year again: when ambitious and socially-aware mothers write a spec letter and send it to everyone in their address book, updating their family and acquaintances on matters they would already know if they were actually friends.
Well I am one of those mothers, so buckle up and prepare yourself for the artist’s version of the Christmas Letter.  As you can tell, I take it very seriously.

Stuff I did that was awesome, punctuated with Minnesota brand Faux Humility Phrases®:
  1. Got a grant (so blessed!)
  2. Exhibited at some prestigious shows (so blessed!)
  3. Had first solo show (so blessed!)
  4. Won some awards for being a badass artist (so blessed!)
  5. Showed some kids how to illustrate (so blessed!)
  6. Got my art on the cover of a really bad book (so blessed?)
Bask in my glow, fuckers. I am success incarnate.
Stuff that happened that is worthy of note, punctuated with Minnesota brand Bad Time Negators®:
  1. Everything in the county flooded (the Lord works in mysterious ways.)
  2. Diagnosed with severe clinical depression (the Lord works in mysterious ways.)
  3. Ate an entire watermelon, shat fire (the Lord works in mysterious ways.)
Pity me, O More Fortunate Ones, for I am plagued with torment.

As you can see, the good stuff list is longer than the bad stuff list. Year success! Consider yourselves informed.