Gorecki Exhibition

Turban, by me.

Last year at the Millstream Arts Festival in Saint Joseph, MN, I won third place in the Best in Show category.  This year the three winners will be showing at Gorecki Gallery at the College of Saint Benedict.  The other winners are Bill Gossman and Dan Mondloch.

Directions to Gorecki Gallery

I started this series this February, and completed it in early May.  For the size and hours each drawing took, I'd say I made pretty good time.  There are nine pieces total, and will be shown in a solo show at Cambridge Center for the Arts in Winter 2016.


More New Drawings

More Arts!
These are brand spanking new drawings.  They'll be part of a show exhibiting at Saint Ben's Gorecki Gallery this summer and fall.  They're colored pencil on gray-toned paper, done in two colors only.


New Drawings

Here are some new arts.  I just got them back from the printer, and naturally can now see a million things I would change.
This is the Divine Wind piece that won a prize at the 2015 IMAGE Show.

This guy I was so happy with, until I realized I had drawn him on the wrong side of the paper, leaving little horizontal lines, and vertical fuzzy lines.  Can't win em all.  About 3'x2'.