Sight - finally finished, you guys.

You guys.
It's finally done, you guys.

Colored pencil on paper. Gold leaf for the final touch. 42"x34"

It's huge, and I didn't realize how much time huge takes.  I've done pretty big before.  I've even done oversized.  But this,- this stupid drawing is so stupid big I can't store it anywhere, or transport it flat, or use my regular drawing board.
And you know what?
I'm starting another drawing the exact same size.



North of the 45th Exhibition

You guyyyyys!

I have got two pieces in this show, and am so proud.  It sounds amazing, and seeing a few of the other accepted artist's work, I'm pretty floored to be in it.  It includes artists from above the 45th parallel.

If you find yourself in the Marquette, Michigan area, stop into the DeVos Art Museum in Northern Michigan University from June 3rd to August 7th.